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DOUBLE DISC CUTTER is best suited or cutting of right angle tiles from long tile strips.

The machine has fabricated M.S. table. Cantilever type double beam is placed on it on which Cross holding two Separate cutter Housing Slides Transverse motion by a Hydraulic Cylinder.

Distance between diamond wheel can be varied. Both cutter cut the tiles. Parallel to each other and right angle to the table. The speed of cutting stroke & return stroke can be set by a hydraulic flow control valve. Similarly Length of stroke can be adjusted by Limit Switches.

The Both end of table is Provided with Several idler rollers on which tile strips are feed manually for cuttings. Stopper setting can also set the length of tiles.
Double Disc Cutter
1 Maximum cutting length 610 MM.
2 Maximum cutting Thickness 50 MM.
3 Motor power 7. 5 HP.
4 Size of wheel 350 MM.
5 No. Discs
2 No.
6 Hydraulic Pump motor 2 HP.
7 Water Consumption 20 LPM/ Disc
8 Total Power 17 HP.
The complete machine with two cutter drive motors, power pack with motor, hydraulic cylinder, Fittings, Limit Switches control panel etc. Diamond tools are not including.
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